Testimonials & Case Studies


Learn why leaders love working with Whit and his team. Discover what our appreciative clients have to say and our impact on their organizations.

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What Our Clients Say

Lodestar Leadership is proud of our quantifiable, substantial results.

Out of respect for the confidentiality of our clients and the nature of our engagement, we present only the facts necessary to the highlights, challenges, and outcome of each case.

Accelerate Success

A regional sales organization needed urgently to improve its lagging market ranking. We set up and guided a team in developing their business direction, focusing on service improvement to increase business. The team repeatedly facilitated groups throughout the business to identify needs/opportunities, then to implement specific improvements benefiting not only clients, but over 200 employees, as well.


A finely tuned, service-driven organization quickly emerged – moving from 29th to 2nd place in service quality market ranking, in just two years.


Clarify Purpose

A strategic advisory committee was in dire need of clarity of focus. We provided coaching to both its chairperson as well as the full committee membership, establishing effective structure and norms for achieving its mission and developing its charter and operating practices.


In just two months, feedback from ‘clients’ (executives) was enthusiastically positive, due to clear evidence of the committee’s radically increased value and clarity of purpose. This process was replicated in other committees throughout the business, enterprise wide.


Streamline Systems

A major global financial concern needed guidance with the complex task of implementing a strategic initiative to improve and measure the performance of its in house complement of over 800 attorneys and regulatory professionals. We worked closely with the firm’s General Counsel, through a staged, multi-year process, involving a committee structure and multiple forums for input & planning enterprise wide. We served as lead architect and consultant to Counsel and its senior executive team – implementing dynamic, participative measures to redefine their mission and brand, including metrics to measure progress.


This significant undertaking changed the relationship of the legal and compliance group with the businesses they served. They evolved from being regarded as “cops” to becoming “partners.” Internal siloes melted, leaders emerged from within all areas of the large group, improvements were made in systems and processes, and relationships and morale improved significantly.


Build the Future

A leading Wall Street firm was in need of streamlining and reorganizing its executive coaching. Working in close partnership with the client’s Human Relations and Talent Managers, we created a fresh, decentralized structure for their executive coaching needs, training all Relationship Managers in the process.


In addition to successfully screening, selecting and managing a pool of externally sourced coaches, we developed and implemented a comprehensive, global, online tracking system – integrating executive coaching with existing HR systems.

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