Who We Are

Lodestar Leadership, founded by Whit Raymond twenty years ago, has over 35 years of experience working with leaders in large and small businesses to accomplish their objectives. Lodestar includes a team of four with expertise in leadership and culture development.

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Coming from a family of eight children, Whit grew up on a working farm and experienced both significant setbacks and great achievements. He saw firsthand the requirements needed to keep a community system not just functioning, but thriving. With a graduate degree in group psychology, Whit first focused on company-wide cultural diversity and then on large-scale change within companies, redesigning the relationships with his clients from the ground up. He later concentrated on leadership and culture change, teaching managers how to effectively coach, support, and guide their employees to function effectively in a network of collaborating teams.

The company’s name, Lodestar, came from his mother’s belief that in order to move forward, everyone needs a north star to follow; change in any organization comes from aligning values and engineering group growth from the bottom to the very top.